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Epson Photo Scanner

Epson Photo Scanner Model Perfection V800

Digitize priceless original photos, negatives, and prints with this Epson Perfection V800 photo scanner. Designed for professional designers, creatives, archivists, and photographers, this scanner offers a commercial-grade scan resolution of 6400 dpi. It also features a dual-lens scanning system and 4.0 Dmax to produce razor-sharp scans.

Additional Information:

  • Flatbed photo scanner with 48-bit colour processing technology can scan multiple images at a time, making this an ideal option for professional photographers
  • Scan resolution of 6400 dpi captures scanned images with lifelike detail, clarity, and colour accuracy
  • Dual-lens scanning system and 4.0 Dmax combine with the high scan resolution so you can scan slides and negatives in addition to prints and photos
  • Features Digital ICE Technologies, which automatically removes dust, scratches, and surface defects

Supported Film Size:

  • 35 mm slides (12 frames)
  • 35 mm film strips (18 frames)
  • Medium format film (1 frame, up to 6 x 20 cm)
  • 4" x 5" film (1 frame)

User Manual

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